Teaching and Supervising students activities


  1. Introduction to contemporary economics problems and to firms strategies (SES200)
    Introducing beginner students to basic economic mechanism and thinking from macroeconomic questions  (such as policies questions on budget and money, on growth, on deficit and debts, on unemployment, on demography in developped countries) to microeconomic and corporate strategies and their applications to information technologies (the network effect with an illustration to facebook growth and development; the public good and the commons and its application to open source software). I make a short introduction to standard game theory equilibria to teach basic strategic thinking.
  2. Management and design of technological innovation (SES247)
    From a new idea to its development and finally its launch on the market, how innovation is managed ? What are the different characteristics of the process according to the type (process, product or service) of innovations ? What are the roles of designer and how designers and engineers work together to create a successful innovation  ? Through numerous case studies and participation of enterprises, students learn the main innovation strategy and how they are applied within different types of innovative organizations.

Coordination and tutorials

  1. Pedagogical coordinator of the visit of  companies in the first year by students (approximately 130 students visiting 15 companies) (SES108)
  2. Tutor of a group of students in the project PACT (6 month-project with software and hardware developments to create a system for artistic/cultural/societal use) (PROJ101)



I intend to create a new page with my courses on economics introduction to make it easily accessible to anybody interested and curious to understand basic economics mechanisms. I think it is important to get basic knowledge in economics whatever your background to understand the economic situation today.

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